February 23, Ain Shams University launches a comprehensive development convoy for Halayeb, Shalatin, and Abu Ramad

Ain Shams University is organizing, in cooperation with the Red Sea Governorate and the southern military region, the comprehensive development caravan of Shalatin, Abormad and Halayeb on "23-24-25" February 2020 under the auspices of Major General Amr Hanafi, Governor of the Red Sea and Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Matiny, President of Ain Shams University and coordinated by Prof. Ayman Saleh, Director of Ain Shams University Hospitals and Prof. Dr. Tariq Yousef, director of the Demerdash Hospital.

Caravan clinics include many medical specialties, including "general internal medicine, ophthalmology, children, nose, ear, throat, skin, women, dentistry and radiology, as well as clinics for general surgery and gastrointestinal endoscopes, as well as the caravan pharmacy that provides drugs free of charge."

The convoy's activities, which will last for three days, include several activities under the supervision of the Community Service and Environmental Development Sector, headed by Prof. Dr. Nazmy Abdel Hamid, Vice President of the University for Sector Affairs and supervision, organized a. Suhail Hamza Assistant Secretary of the University for Sector Affairs Awareness campaigns for the people of Shalateen on how to prevent, treat and deal with a patient C virus, malnutrition and various teenage problems. A thousand blankets are also distributed to the people of the regions as a community service. In coordination with the General Authority for Adult Education, several literacy classes are being opened to help families to escape from illiteracy.

  • From 2020-02-23 to 2020-02-25